Tsunami Brings War-Time Triage to Sanfrancorp


San Francorp, July 1, 2030 –Yesterday morning during the height of the rush hour, a powerful tsunami pounded the Pacific seacoast. It pushed already rising coastal waters farther inland and resulted in an estimated four thousand deaths.

The toll of estimated dead already doubles the number of deaths resulting from last week’s typhoon that struck Thailand with little advance warning.

Survivors in the Sanfrancorp Bay Area described the 8:00 a.m. gargantuan wave as a watery apparition rising up and blanketing out the sky before falling back to earth. The force of the water crashing down crushed everything in its path. Collapsing buildings, freeways, and bridges caused most of the reported deaths. Witnesses said glass shards flew through the air like medieval arrows, stabbing and slicing screaming people. One woman described it as a scene from a cinematic apocalyptic disaster.

Electric power for the last twenty-four hours has been sporadic for most of the city with no official projections for a return to normal service. As night fell, the city’s health facilities were overrun by those not only seeking medical assistance, but the sanctuary of light from the facilities’ back-up generators.

Hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed with the seriously injured. Treatment is severely handicapped by a shortage of medical personnel. Supplies are desperately short because of contamination and clogged transportation corridors.

The mayor, the only reachable authority, ordered an immediate emergency war-time triage system. Those not chosen for treatment, often by unskilled aides, are marked with a black X. Their screams permeate the air from a tented area where they are left alone without pain medication or any palliative attention.

Across the city, grocery stores and warehouses are being plundered and emptied by a panicked populace terrified by the threat of starvation.

The Capo police have been dispatched throughout the city to prevent looters from destroying private property as people try to break into elite residences, often overwhelming private security. The Capos are using established riot control techniques to protect corporate offices and are awaiting further orders from corporation CEOs to assist in bringing law and order to the rest of the city.

Bodies are scattered everywhere. The stink of death is in every breath — it permeates everything. On everyone’s mind is the prospect of the diseases that are sure to follow. Leadership is lacking — no one seems capable of organizing the necessary rescue parties to search for buried survivors, or to dispose of the dead.

Some described the disaster as a judgment of God because of the slow and indecisive global response to counter the forecasted increase in pollution to the Earth.

For now, there is no end in sight to climate change and as the globe’s water levels continue to rise, they create not only human watery graves, but shrinking available land mass for habitation.

One burning question remains on most people’s lips: Are the Earth’s inhabitants dying because we allowed the world to maintain and foster only one major goal: increased corporate profits?

Coming soon: Rx DEFERRED.   Corporate-Government wars of 2020 have resulted in a global corporate dictatorship. Its legacy? Escalating climate changes, limited food supplies, and clean air only for the elite.




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