Truly Stellar Science Fiction!

Assent Publishing

Assent Publishing’s Farther Books imprint is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2014 STELLAR SCI-FI Contest. We travelled through worlds throughout the galaxy and enjoyed every minute of the ride. Along the way we encountered worlds beyond earthly description, technologies that awe, and brave characters that overcame seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Against still talent competition, two tales rose to the surface as we chose the winners of the Farther Books Stellar Sci-Fi contest.


AuthorPicBetteGoldenLambOur GRAND PRIZE WINNER is author Bette Golden Lamb with her deliciously disturbing dive into a dark dystopia fraught with medical mayhem in Rx Deferred. The Corporate-Government wars of 2020 have resulted in a Corporit dictatorship. Its legacy? Escalating climate change, limited food supplies, and clean air only for the elite.

Bette Golden Lamb is an RN, three-dimensional artist,AntiBody and writer. She claims to need all of these disciplines to stay out of…

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