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Picture Storm & earth


Asher Wind Storm is a  major character in the soon-to-be-released novel, Rx Deferred (Assent Publishing). He is a mystic, visionary, paranormal healer, and leader of a group determined to save Earth and its resources —the Revivers.

Storm and his global followers seek to bring hope to the suffering populace of a depleted planet.  The Revivers are dedicated to regenerating flora, fauna, and breathable air. Their efforts bring hope and a positive vision of what Earth can become again

A key to survival are Storm’s soaring, transparent Caplac domes, where food crops, trees, flowers, and grasses are being nurtured back to productive life, along with providing shelter for humans and almost extinct wildlife and domestic animals.

Corporate-Government wars of 2020 have resulted in a global corporate dictatorship. Its legacy? Escalating climate changes, limited food supplies, and clean air only for the elite.

Earth, is our mother ship. All Earthlings cling to this vessel as we travel through the vast vacuum of space. This planet, this ship provides everything necessary to survive, to orbit safely through a dark universe. But soon it will be unable to provide for its passengers. Forests are dying, animal life is disappearing, and our thinning atmosphere could soon result in the disappearance of all life.

* * *

Asher Wind Storm sits on an arid hilltop overlooking a landscape of desolation. Not a hint of animal, insect, or plant life exists in the leached soil that lifts and scatters in a final surrender to each wisp of wind.

In the center of a large circle formed by his closest companions, he reaches out and gently sifts through the lifeless dirt with probing fingers — the earth sucks the moisture from his calloused hands like a thirsty beast. He gathers the particles into tiny mounds.

A sudden wind gust swallows each pile, morphing the grains into a dust devil that swells, lifts up, and reaches out to the heavens. The swirl hangs, suspended like a black angry cloud before it changes into a hovering apparition of an amber eye that stares through the thick, suffocating particles surrounding the planet.

The cloud drifts. It travels farther and farther across the sterile landscape, tossing the dead soil that has not felt the softness of moisture or the swelling of growth for a long, hard decade.

When the eye returns to focus on the circle, a single tear falls from the sky and lands in the center of a large Medicine Wheel.

Storm watches the tear settle at his feet. He plants three seeds in that single spot of moisture.

“Together, we must search through the vastness of the cosmos until we reach into the spheres of endless time. Once there, we will gather the embryos of universal life and bring them back to heal our Mother.”

“Thrive.” His hands swayed over the seeds.
“We are at peace with all our brothers and sisters.
“One with all the spirits of our Earth.
“One with the oceans, rivers, rocks, soil, sky, plants, animals.
“We are them as they are us.
“We are all one.”

Coming Soon: RX Deferred (Assent Publishing)
A damning evaluation of a system that had put technological advancements ahead of human rights, and protection of the environment





Pic for Blog DARKNESS_edited-3

What happened to me? Where am I? Can’t see anything. Can’t remember anything.


A shiver starts at the base of my spine and I hunch over to hug myself.  I’m shaking all over.

Must see something, anything. But the blackness is like a living thing—it crawls all over me with blob-like hands that inch up my body and squeeze my throat.

Oh, my God! I can’t breathe. I’m suffocating. I stifle a scream.


Have to remain calm, have to think.

I remember the march where I joined a small group of women. We were going to the Corporate Offices to protest the lack of food for the sick and dying. We’d only walked one block. I think that’s when they grabbed me.

Was that an hour ago?

Wait! They tossed me into a box, set me on a conveyor belt, covered my head so I could barely breathe. I was hysterical, disoriented.

I must have passed out. It has to be them—Corporate Police. They were running at us, using their stun guns and riot sticks, tearing the signs from our hands:

                                 Give us food. Everyone must eat

The Corporates have declared that all available food is now only for the healthy. What it means is that it’s only for the Corporates. Only for them.


My head is getting scrambled. I keep trying to keep things straight, but it’s all a blur. Who am I?

Wait! I know! I’m a nurse. I take care of sick people. That knowledge embraces me and for a moment I feel stronger, but soon the weakness returns. I gave my food to the helpless, to the sick. I haven’t eaten in two days.

I visualize the Corporate Directive I received a week ago: If nurses refuse to euthanize the dying, the patients will be left to starve.

I couldn’t do that, couldn’t kill anybody. I couldn’t stand by and watch helpless people with their hands out begging me, crying, pleading for food, for water.

The memory is too much. I feel myself sinking away. It’s so cold. I can’t stop shivering. Where are the others? The other protesters?

Every day, one by one, nurses have been disappearing. Droids replace them, toss dead bodies away.

Then my best friend Annie didn’t show up for work. I looked everywhere for her—went to her apartment. But she was gone, not a trace. Not a sign that she ever lived there. Ever lived.

That thought makes my heart pound faster. The thump is the only sound in the silence around me. Tears slide down my cheeks, bile crawls up my throat.

“Annie! Annie! Where are you?”

I touch the cement floor beneath me. It’s sticky, viscous, like blood. I thrust a hand into the emptiness. Searching for something.

There’s only an oily blackness.

Red hysteria explode inside my brain. I can’t help it, can’t stop it. I crawl in one direction, then another.

“Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help me!”

Nothing! Not even an echo. I’m lost.


Coming Soon: Rx Deferred.

Corporate-Government wars of 2020 have resulted in a global Corporit(sic) dictatorship . Its legacy? Escalating climate change, limited food supplies, and clean air only for the elite.