Pic Earth & future

Everyone was trapped, one way or another. Trapped on a dying planet.
Was there a time when they didn’t have to live under the massive domes where scrubbed air was piped in and rising temperatures were neutralized? That time, that memory, was a blurry vision, almost gone, like the glaciers and the vast  forests with their oxygen-producing trees.
            Dr. Zoe Hidalga’s thoughts


                                               Noncorp Sector
Zoe hid in the shadows of a crumbling building at the edge of Corporit (sic) territory. She strained to make out the disintegrating letters on a rusting sign at her feet. If she was right, she was standing in the remains of a restaurant and bar she and Elliot had been to years ago.

Flattening against the brick wall, she peeked around the corner at the main border crossing from Sanfrancorp into the Noncorp sector.

San Francisco.

Zoe loved the sound of the original name, but the Corporit Wars changed everything.  Countries around the world became subsidiaries of a National Corporit Council. Colorful cities with their exciting historic images were swallowed up, homogenized into ordinary names like Sanfrancorp, Chicagocorp, Newyorcorp, Moscorp, Londoncorp.

She peeked at the border guards again. Even from her hiding place, the sounds of their heavy feet crunching loudly on a spread of glass, jarred her. No one could get near that fence without being seen or heard.

Zoe had gone over this moment time and time again. Could she work up the courage to approach the crossover, stand in the border’s blinding lights, withstand the scrutiny of soldiers with their guns drawn and ready to kill her?

It made her spine tingle.

She reached into her pocket and carefully pulled out two pills. She dry-swallowed the stimulant. That she’d begun to use more and more to get through each day worried her, but she couldn’t take a chance on any sudden weakness.   The medication would help her function better for a few hours.

The sudden blast of a klaxon with its shattering sound waves made her jump. She covered her ears and stared at a huge holographic sign that appeared out of nowhere and hung in the air in a bright flashing red:



Her hands were shaking and she was having difficulty breathing.

What am I doing here?

What did she even know about the Noncorps? The bits and pieces that she’d heard were frightening. One thing she did know: many of her friends forced into that zone were never heard from again.

She turned up the oxygen in her portable tank and took several deep breaths before she could calm down.

Now! She would have to go now or not at all.

She stepped out, heading for the guard at the gate.  Her legs wobbled, her heart lurched in her chest, and she was shaking inside of her insulated Zynec jumpsuit.

The glass under her feet alerted the nearest soldier. He spun around and pointed a gun at her face until her sweaty fingers gave up her Corporit ID card.  His wrist scanner covered the surface of her ident-card as he waited for the information to verify that she was Dr. Zoe Hidalga.

In the distance she could see her goal — the reflected lights of the 24-hour Noncorp medical complex, a half-mile south of Sanfrancorp.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do, Doctor Hida1ga?” The guard pointed vaguely in the distance.  “You may not be granted return privileges.”  When she didn’t respond, he peered at her more closely.  “Is something wrong?”

She shrugged, ignoring both his comment and the blinking red danger globes that marked the boundary between Sanfrancorp and the Noncorp area.

“May I go now?”

The guard handed back her card, switched off the barrier shield, and waved her through, shaking his head. “It’s your funeral, Doctor.”

Hit the nail on the head, soldier.

Today, she would finally face the truth.  Face up to the presence gnawing away at her insides. Killing her as it had Elliot.

TheOrganHarvestersBette COVER

The Organ Harvesters (Assent Publishing)
Winner! The 2014 Stellar Sci-fi Contest For Science Fiction Dystopian Novel.
A damning evaluation of a system that had put technological advancements ahead of human rights, and protection of the environment.
Joe Dacy II (The Kindle Book Review)
In a dystopian world where the corporations have taken over, the Earth’s resources are at the limit of their ability to give, and the people are trapped by a brutal business regime that controls every aspect of their lives.

But a few brave souls find the courage to fight the system, among them, Zoe, a mother whose child is taken from her with she contracts a deadly disease.

The novel is a chilling look at what happens when profit comes before all else, especially when it’s shored up by propaganda and the “efficient” use of power. For fans of dystopian fiction, this one has all the creepy, spine-chilling horror one could want.

I admit I was a bit disappointed by the ending but then I realize that just meant there was room for a sequel.

Note: The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book for an independent, fair, and honest review. We are not associated with the author or Amazon





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