Pic Swirl

 Each 24-hour period in my life is a desperate race against time — a frantic, mind-boggling sprint where I have to strangle, squeeze, wrestle, out-distance every single second.

Nothing, I mean nothing, ever fits perfectly into one day. And everything that’s not completed always splashes over into the next day, or the next two days, maybe even eternity.

And why does that happen?

Because over the years I’ve morphed into too many people: wife, mother, friend, nurse, painter, potter, sculptor, gardener, reader, music lover, and on and on. Has it ever been easy? No! Life is always too big to manage. But somehow it has been all right; it was working. Then came a blow that pierced my carefully managed world. It destroyed any illusion that time could ever be dealt with: I became a writer. How did that happen? And who burst my happy little bubble? J. J. Lamb. It’s all his fault. He wouldn’t listen to me.

Well, if I have to be fair, he did listen, but he wouldn’t tackle a story idea that I thought was (of course) FANTASTIC. I hounded him (one might say nag if one didn’t value one’s life). And it wasn’t like I mentioned it every day, but I have to admit it was out there at least monthly.

Finally, he turned to me and said, “If that story is ever going to see the light of day, you have to write it.”

That did it. And it was the chisel that splintered my solid rock of self-deception — it shattered it into hundreds of searching personalities that either flow in harmony or pull and tear at each other.

And guess what? He’s had to live with it ever since. That’s how Karma works.

Did you ever want to freeze time? I mean have everything stop? Stop spinning? STOP!

Everyone would be trapped in a kind of time warp, lost in their own world, while I could move at my own chosen pace. Imagine, 24-hour cycles wouldn’t exist. I could stretch a day into 36 hours. Or 72 hours.

Now that’s cool.

You could take (or is it steal?) the time to really look around.

It’s all right there, even now. You might see things for the first time. Look at people’s faces, really look. Take the time to really see their expressions, really see their body language and read it. Study their eyes in depth – look into their souls, and maybe even know what’s in their hearts.

TheOrganHarvestersBette COVER

The Organ Harvesters (Assent Publishing) Winner! The 2014 Stellar Sci-fi Contest For Science Fiction Dystopian Novel.

A damning evaluation of a system that had put technological advancements ahead of human rights, and protection of the environment.

Five ***** “Compelling from cover to cover.”


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