Pic huge Red rose

It’s almost May and the roses in my garden are bursting into a spread of the most beautiful colors you can imagine. From a delicate pink to Black Magic burgundy, all those beauties pop up and swell right before my eyes. And it all happens in my little-piece-of-heaven – my wonderful garden.

And the aromas? Well, close your eyes and one whiff of Double Delight can carry you to far off exotic places. It does that for me.

And it does something else.

Those aromas speak to me in secret code. They reveal hidden messages, different for each and every one of us, I’m sure. But for me, a beautiful flower in the open air, under the warm sun, makes me think of secrets, of underground caves (how crazy is that when you’re talking about roses?) where primitive drawings decorate the walls. Those drawings reveal the unseen connections that unite all kinds of people across the planet, no matter how close or how far. The drawings always speak of common experiences.

And why wouldn’t they?

We are all made of stardust. Every single one of us. Think of it: Stardust.

And we live on one planet in a vast galaxy within a wondrous universe where invisible threads reach out to every living entity, whether it’s animal, plant, rock, or even right down to the core of the earth.


Have you ever planted a tree, and as you dig you visualize that tree mature and magnificent, all the time knowing you’ll never be there when it reaches its true potential? Still, there’s something deep inside that calls to you, demands that you lay down the seeds of tomorrow. In some way, we are all connected to that tomorrow.

That feeling , that hope is passed from one generation to another and it calls for us to take care of our home, Planet Earth, to keep  it green, keep it alive, prepare it for those who are yet to come. That’s part of our mission, what we’re meant to do. We need to listen to that inner voice, hang onto it, keep it alive, not just for us, but for those of tomorrow. We have to remember that we are connected to those tomorrows, those futures, even if we are no longer here to see them.

Earth Day was April 22nd, and each year when it arrives I am hopeful because I know there are people all over the globe who are going to wake up and realize that it’s now or never to save our world from total destruction, to save all the living beings that occupy it. But as unbelievable as it is, the destruction is accelerating. That not only disappoints me, it makes me desperate. Why can’t we understand that now is the time to try to save our world, take the moment to question our existence in this vast, wondrous universe. Really look at the rampant greed that is crushing everything: Trees are dying, animals are dying, oceans are dying. And when I say dying, I mean heading for extinction.

Gone forever!

Can’t you feel it? Can’t you feel the sadness?

Those days, when that sadness overcomes me, and I feel only the hopelessness of it all, is when I wander into my rose garden. I  prune, water, and smell the flowers with their scent of hope.

When I’m there, I just know people are going to wake up, look around, and finally realize that the responsibilities for our tomorrows rest solely on our shoulders

Picture flower thru pavement.

TheOrganHarvestersBette COVER

The Organ Harvesters (Assent Publishing) Winner! The 2014 Stellar Sci-fi Contest For Science Fiction Dystopian Novel.

A damning evaluation of a system that had put technological advancements ahead of human rights, and protection of the environment.




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