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I gotta say I’m sick and tired of hearing male politicians tell women what to do with their bodies. Not one of these icons of virtue will ever have to face the difficulties women face from complicated menstrual problems to job discrimination to pregnancy to single motherhood to old age – which a lot of you out there seem to think begins at 40.

For instance, some of the blurbs I’ve been reading on Face Book, Twitter, and various news feeds talk about Congress wanting to repeal a law in Washington, D.C. that makes it illegal for employers to fire people for taking birth control or having an abortion. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, Republican presidential candidates, seem to believe employers should be able to fire workers if their bosses don’t like their employees’ personal reproductive-health choices. And one of the two candidates is a known libertarian. Guess which one.

Isn’t it obvious to everyone? Legislators are only passing abortion restrictions so they can pretend to use ‘women’s safety’ as a means to control them … and to get the religious right’s votes.

The North Carolina Legislature’s lower house just voted to join several other states to triple the length of the waiting period for women who seek abortions, from one to three days. And not only that, they require that doctors send to the state health department the ultrasound results, fetal measurements, and other medical information related to women who get abortions in the last two weeks of the legal time period. If it becomes law, that rule, supposedly designed to make sure the timing of the abortion is within the limit, is not only disgusting, it stomps all over our constitutional rights.

I hear that phrase a lot: Constitutional Rights. Yeah, sure. It’s really important for any number of things, unless you’re talking about women’s rights.

In the state of Kentucky, the Senate approved a law that not only requires an ultrasound for women who want an abortion, but require the doctor to confront the patient with her own fetal image. If they don’t, they can face a fine of $100,000. Generous to a fault, the bill provides only one leeway: It is permissible for the patient to turn away and not look at her own ultrasound image.

Such humanity.

None of these laws are really about women’s health. Legal abortion is safrer than any number of other surgeries. A UC San Francisco study found fewer physical complications for abortions than having your wisdom teeth extracted.

Patt Morrison, Pulitzer prize winner, wrote in the Opinion CA section of the Los Angeles Times, “If legislators were sincere about safeguarding women’s health, the bills getting passed would be about better sex education, more and cheaper health clinics and counseling and contraceptives, so abortion could become what President Clinton once characterized as “safe, legal and rare.” Instead, it’s about preventing women from getting abortions, and controlling them by controlling their fertility, a trick as old as men and women.

“There’s one other state that’s about to pass fertility control laws, end subsidies for contraception (including condoms), ban contraceptive information as well as sterilization, and severely limit abortions. Which state?

“The state of Iran.”

Finally, I’ve gotta say to male politicians: I’m sick and tired of you playing football with women’s uteruses. OMG, leave our bodies alone. What we do with them is our choice, not yours.

And, if you really cared anything about children, you’d make sure they didn’t have to go to bed hungry, or have to struggle to get an education. You’d care what happens to them after they’re born.

So, hey you! Stop trampling on our rights. Who and what we are is our business. You’re either really with us or against us. And if you’re against us – leave us alone.

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                                   The Organ Harvesters (Assent Publishing)

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A damning evaluation of a system that puts technological advancements ahead of human rights, and protection of the environment.




6 thoughts on “I GOTTA SAY

  1. Eileen

    Bette, you’ve nailed it. This is a topic that has infuriated me for years. The two new wrinkles in the old cloth, employers having a say in medical care and requiring an ultrasound, are obscene!

  2. kellistanley

    Great blog post, Bette! It’s so disheartening to fight the same age-old battles every generation–all, from the war on women to the war on people of color, designed to keep the poor poor and the rich richer.


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