Pic Crying Earth!

What is the matter with us?

Why do we hate people for their color?

Why do we murder people because of their color?

Why do we belittle people because they are women? Try to keep them powerless? Control them?

Why do we despise others for their sexual orientation? For whom they love?

Why do we hate poor people?

Why do we hate anything different?

Why are we continuing to destroy wild life? All life?

Why are we choking our sea life with human trash, poisoning our oceans, dumping toxic waste into the waters that we need to survive?

Why are we cutting down the trees, forests, rainforests that all supply the very air we breathe?

Why do we use toxic pesticides that give us life-threatening diseases? Kill off the bees that help us put food on the table? Help us live?

Why are we destroying, altering the seeds that grow what we eat, give us life?

Why are we fracking, tampering with our ground water? Drilling and altering the structure, the very body of our planet? Our home?

Why do we continue to pollute the atmosphere until we cannot breathe?

Why do we stand up for, stand behind people who plunder the earth solely for their profit? Why do we let them use and abuse us?

Why are we bent on destroying everything, even our planet?

Is the human race doomed for extinction?

Will our home become a lifeless rock floating in space?


  TheOrganHarvestersBette COVER

The Organ Harvesters (Assent Publishing) Winner! The 2014 Stellar Sci-fi Contest For Science Fiction Dystopian Novel.

A damning evaluation of a system that had put technological advancements ahead of human rights, and protection of the environment.

Five ***** “Compelling from cover to cover.”






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