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 The Apache holy grounds in Arizona are about to be stolen and raped. And these particular lands have had special protection since 1955 when President Eisenhower decreed the area closed to mining. President Nixon renewed this ban in 1971.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?.

Why would any politician give away Native American lands? And to Rio Tinto an Australian-British mining concern? A foreign corporation? By this obscene act, Congress has handed over a sacred Native American site to a foreign-owned company for what may be the first time in our nation’s history.

It can only be one of two things:

  1. Someone saw too may bad western movies as a child – the ones where the government paid for Indian scalps, because they were supposed to be bad people. Why else would we want to steal their land from them?
  2. Money. Or is that the same thing as No. 1

And who are the politicians who are handing over these Indian holy lands? None other than that great American patriot, Senator John McCain and Arizona’s other Senator, Jeff Flake.

How did they do it?

It wasn’t really that difficult? While other bills to accomplish this have always failed because of lack of support, this time they simply tacked on as a last minute rider to a must-pass defense bill.

They slipped it in below the radar. Sneaky? That’s how they do things in Washington. That way, it avoids any kind of public scrutiny.

And is it for the public’s welfare, which they are always touting? Not on your life. It brings more environmental devastation.

Big time.

When mining interests are finished with this land, what remains will be a massive crater. You know, nothing but a big hole in the ground. Not just a hole. It will be a two-mile wide, 1000-foot-deep pit.

That’s what’s going to happen to Apache holy land.

Apaches have been a part of this site since well before recorded history – this by congressional testimony from the Society for American Archaeology.

Little tidbits: Resolution Copper Mining, Rio Tinto’s parent company, has been a McCain campaign contributor, and before Mr. Flake made it to Congress, he was a paid lobbyist for Rio Tinto Rӧssing Uranium (a huge uranium mine in Namibia).

It just goes on and on. Steal again, and again from the indigenous peoples.

These Senators, robbers of Native American lands, are supposed to be patriotic Americans. Which Americans do they represent? Certainly not American Indians – is there anyone more American than the native peoples of this country?

Do we, the people, even count when the legislators of Congress give our heritage away? Yes, this is our American heritage, as well as that of the American Indian.

We all need to wake up.

This Congress is giving away our beautiful country, selling our land to obscene corporations who don’t give a rat’s ass about America the beautiful.

* * *

 Many thanks to Lydia Millet, author, and Opinion Section contributor to the New York Times. She brought this underhanded action to my attention.

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