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I think we, as women, have found ourselves at dangerous crossroads: One road is to self-actualization, the other, to the quagmire of nothingness and slavery.

It’s that simple. Our future as individuals, with rights to thrive, is about to end if we choose the wrong path.

Think carefully.

Me, myself, and I would much rather write blogs about the things i really love: Animals. Plants. Nature. Books that I read and admire.

I can’t do that.

Instead, I have to think about the road I’m going to choose, because now is the time when all women have to make that difficult decision—which road? We have to choose not only for ourselves, but for our future generations. They deserve our careful consideration of this crucial decision.

One way takes away our freedoms, not only reproductively, but socially and culturally. Make no mistake: It’s now or never. Do you want to have equal rights? At this moment, we are not even maintaining what we gained in past decades.

All our rights as women are eroding.

There’s simply no limit as to how far this current group of obscene lawmakers will drag our country down, to get their way. Put us in our place.

It’s past time for Congress to stop following anti-abortion extremists and start doing the job they were elected to do.

Women could easily do a better job.

Listen, you women out there!

Make no mistake; the defunding of Planned Parenthood is a diabolical attempt to strip women, particularly poor women, of their outlets for health care.

Defunding Planned Parenthood health centers would cut off millions of patients from affordable birth control, cancer screenings, and other critical health care. It would have a dangerous and devastating effect on communities across the country.

Abortion? Fetal tissue? All excuses. Only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services involve abortion. If we don’t speak up, millions of women in conservative states will effectively lose their legal right to an abortion.

Here’s a stat most people don’t realize. I read it the other day:

One in three women will have an abortion by the age of 45.

That’s a lot of women. A lot of Americans. Remember, women in this country are Americans with rights. We’re being cheated! Many women who have an abortion don’t even believe in abortion until they need one. It’s a choice women need to have.

Shut the government down? Can you believe that?

These elected officials are holding the funding of the government hostage to bully Planned Parenthood.

And are these politicians really so hell-bent on standing between women and their doctors that they’ll grind essential government functions to a screeching halt?


 And all of it is only a thin curtain that tries to hide its main purpose:

Control women.

Control the money we make.

Control the children we have.

Control the way we dress.

Control the way we think

Suffrage was not born without bloodshed. If we take the treacherous path at this crossroad, go in the direction Congress is shoving us, there will be rioting and civil disobedience, and even bloodshed again.

The clock is ticking. Wake up! Defend your rights!

* * *

Vote! Vote! Vote!


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4 thoughts on “WOMEN: NOW!

  1. Patricia Dusenbury

    I am pro-choice, but I can understand why some people are uncomfortable with abortion. But I cannot, no matter how I struggle, understand how anyone who is anti-abortion can oppose funding an important source of birth control for low-income women. The only conclusion that makes sense is the one expressed in this blog. These people are trying to control women, to turn the clock back to when we were the property of our husbands and fathers.


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