One Man’s View on the Republican War on Women

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My guest blogger today is J. J. Lamb, author, co-author, and long-time partner.

The age-old battle of the sexes will no doubt survive right up until the final millisecond of the earth’s existence, which we all hope is a far, far, far into the future.

That’s extremely sad. It was, and is, unfortunate that “battle” is the terminology used to define the different approaches women and men take in meeting the challenges of co-existing in this world—no matter how humorous users of the word try to make it.

Are there differences between the sexes, other than physical?


But as we should all be aware, it’s not always vive la différence.

If you’ve survived kindergarten, then there should be no doubt in your mind that males and females do not think, act, react, or come to the same conclusions in all situations. They can, of course, be of one mind, but there should be nothing legal or moral that rules or preaches that this must be the case, now and forever.

What a dull, sterile world this would be if everyone thought alike and acted in the same manner regardless of the situation … women with women, men with men, women with men. I will not attempt to iterate the number of times in history this approach would have resulted in disaster.

We are currently embarked on the long, tortuous journey to the 2016 elections, where the Grand Old Party has decided it’s not only a battle with the Democratic Party, but one of men against women, a blatant “War on Women.”

Far too many GOP politicians, many of whom have made politics and only politics their life-long career, have come to see themselves as experts on the anatomical functions of women, along with many other things where they have received no training, or have no true understanding.

I say it’s way past time for these uninformed, undereducated, and obsolete preening bantam roosters to withdraw from the battlefield. Their uber religiosity and modern Neanderthal chest thumping are a travesty.

They have taken up the subjugation of women rather than formulating and fighting for policies that will create freedom and prosperity for the entire nation, not just for members of the industrial-military complex and the top one percent.

Men need to acknowledge that the female sex has always been here, always will be, and deserves to be recognized as an equal partner in the running of not just a few select things, but of everything.

Otherwise, one of these days there is going to be a revolution and when it’s over, there could well be laws passed that will create glass ceilings for men; laws against government funding for prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, or even vasectomies; plus a general atmosphere of males being second-class entities.

Is it possible to put women and men on an equal plain?

I say yes after being married for more years than I’m going to tell you; after having shared everything with my wife from the first day — child rearing, income production, clothes and grocery shopping, household and garden chores, and most anything else you can think of.

And to top it off, we’ve raised two sons and written eight novels together without any (visible) bruises or trial separations.


* * *

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