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Donald Trump is an idiot. Ted Cruz is an idiot. Yet they are the two Republican leaders in the polls in the race for the Republican nomination for president.

We call Donald Trump a fool, buffoon, entertainer. Ted Cruz, likens himself to a messenger from God.

Make no mistake, these are calculating, evil men. We need to take them very seriously.

Donald Trump talks about using nuclear weapons and sending more soldiers to war when he’s never spent a day in the military. His money shields him from pretty much anything you have to go through to survive.

This “buffoon” thinks Mexicans are rapists, all Muslims are terrorists. He would have nothing to do with Iran or any other country that didn’t do exactly as he demands.

Don’t be fooled. He’s not joking with you, and he’s getting you to listen to him spout Fascism.

Ted Cruz makes negative remarks about New Yorkers and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s wants you to believe that liberals and, of course, the Jews, who are all very rich, are causing the decline of America. Well, here’s a short list of “New York values:”

Carnegie Hall

Metropolitan Opera

Lincoln Center


Whitney Museum

Guggenheim Museum


Off Broadway

You might not care about any of these places, but they are representative of American values to the rest of the world.

And let’s remember that maybe the most important thing about New York is its people, its fantastic diversity.  Walking in the city, you will see not only every culture, but every income level represented.

Having been raised there, I can say that they get along with each other pretty damn well.

And just to join the chorus of those who don’t believe Ted Cruz is even eligible—being a natural born citizen—to run for the office of the presidency.

I say: A leading Birther gets smacked with Karma.

Both of these men tout fascism and hatred and distrust. Why would any country leader want to sit down and talk to them?

Can you imagine Donald Trump, who seems to hate anyone who is not an American, trying to talk to people around this diverse world we live in?

Remember, these men who tout fascism, would represent our county. If this means nothing to you, read about Germany, Italy, and Spain in 1930-40.

And as for the rest of the Republican candidates running for President, most are trying to eliminate Social Security, healthcare, food stamps, children’s assistance programs, money for our veterans, and any other socially responsible program that exists. Where will that money go to? To fund the military-industrial complex.

If we’re not very careful with whom we put in office, we could be the starving immigrants running to Canada … maybe even Mexico.

* * *

 In This Fast-Paced Political Thriller:

Washington politicians and U.S. healthcare executives are conspiring in a sinister cost-cutting scheme to legalize selective euthanasia for the seriously ill and dying, primarily for the poor and powerless.

If secret legislation can slip through the quagmire of Congress, it will diminish the annual deficit by billions, if not trillions; catapult corporate healthcare profits; and get an unpopular President re-elected.

What the powerbrokers don’t anticipate is an in-your-face, militant seniors advocacy group becoming suspicious and hires an aggressive, semi-retired investigative journalist to expose the behind-the scenes manipulations.

                                                The deadline:  Seven days.

Can Ted Yost stop the power brokers? Or will arson, attempted murder, blackmail, and kidnapping stop him?

                                Some Reviews of THE KILLING VOTE:

 The Killing Vote cover 2

Ambition, greed, hypocrisy—and murder. Bette and JJ Lamb have taken the battle over medical care and fashioned a droll, lightning-paced political thriller with more plot twists than Washington has scoundrels. I thought of the great Ross Thomas as I hummed through the pages. Prepare to laugh–and get ripping mad.

David Corbett Writer & Teacher

 “The Killing Vote starts off with a bang, literally, and never lets up. Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. Lamb pull no punches in highlighting behind the scenes politics. Gripping.”

Cara Black Aimée Leduc Series

“…I don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the book, so let me say that I locked all the doors and turned on all the lights in the house then stayed up all night reading.

Ana Manwaring Writer & editor







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