Fascism Lurks In The Open

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 Fascism Lurks In The Open

I watched the last Republican debate on Thursday, as I have all of them. I don’t trust social media, on-line publications, or even the newspapers I read to report an event anymore. There’s way too much misinformation out there. I choose to witness things that are happening, if at all possible. How else can I make important decisions?

And this presidential election is drastically important. It could be a tipping point in so many areas—not only for the survival of Democracy, but the survival of the human race.

Yes, that’s how important it is.

Although I’ve never been a fan of Megyn Kelly, I have to say, she solidly stood her ground against that misogynist group of men. Ted Cruz tried all but punching her out to ruffle her and it did no good. She was ready for them and she didn’t give in.

Not once.

Cruz at one point even threatened to pull a Trump and walk out. We all knew he was too self-serving for that.  Nothing but an empty threat. I’ll even bet Trump regretted not being there—narcissist that he is.

You might guess that I’m definitely not a fan of Fox News, but they are starting to learn how to conduct this kind of event.  Along with their questions, they showed the audience TV clips where these candidates actually changed positions on issues with the ease of a snake slithering through the forest. The videos went back and forth with what these men said they “believed” at any given time. Their rhetoric changed with the mood of each crowd. And when faced with their lies, they merely lied some more.

To think I thought Mitt Romney was awful.

The fact that Donald Trump tried to bully the event by not being there—who can get along without The Donald—really backfired. For a bunch of politicians pandering to extremists, these men had more of an actual debate without all the ridiculous Trump facial expressions and speech patterns that reveal nothing of substance.

Face it! Donald trump is a fascist, and so is Ted Cruz. They make no bones about it. If we’re not careful, this country could end up in real trouble.

Trump and Cruz parrot Hitler and Mussolini—right down to the gestures and hate-filled speech designed to rile people who hate Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans …  anyone not Christian. If you are lily-white, a “religious” fanatic, they are seeking your support and your vote. And I’m sure you will give it to them.

Voting is the only key to stopping them. Every one of us has to get to the polls and vote or these men, or people like them could come into real power and lead us to total destruction.

Think about it.

If there is a Cruz or a Trump in the White House, there will be fighting in the streets, mass killings the like of which we have not seen since the Civil War.

Our country is in real danger. For those of you who think these men are merely clowns—forget it! None of the antics of Trump or Cruz are amusing or funny. These men are not buffoons—they mean business.

Make no mistake. They are a real threat to you and our democracy.

* * *

 In This Fast-Paced Political Thriller:

Washington politicians and U.S. healthcare executives are conspiring in a sinister cost-cutting scheme to legalize selective euthanasia for the seriously ill and dying, primarily for the poor and powerless.

If secret legislation can slip through the quagmire of Congress, it will diminish the annual deficit by billions, if not trillions; catapult corporate healthcare profits; and get an unpopular President re-elected.

What the powerbrokers don’t anticipate is an in-your-face, militant seniors advocacy group becoming suspicious and hires an aggressive, semi-retired investigative journalist to expose the behind-the scenes manipulations.

                                                The deadline:  Seven days.

Can Ted Yost stop the power brokers? Or will arson, attempted murder, blackmail, and kidnapping stop him?

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                                  Some Reviews of THE KILLING VOTE:

 Ambition, greed, hypocrisy—and murder. Bette and JJ Lamb have taken the battle over medical care and fashioned a droll, lightning-paced political thriller with more plot twists than Washington has scoundrels. I thought of the great Ross Thomas as I hummed through the pages. Prepare to laugh–and get ripping mad.

David Corbett
Writer & Teacher

“The Killing Vote starts off with a bang, literally, and never lets up. Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. Lamb pull no punches in highlighting behind the scenes politics. Gripping.”

Cara Black
Aimée Leduc Series

“…I don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the book, so let me say that I locked all the doors and turned on all the lights in the house then stayed up all night reading.

Ana Manwaring
Writer & editor




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