Pic Crying Earth!


Aren’t you tired of irate people screaming out their anger against other people?

Well, I’m fed up with it.

Lately, it never seems to end, and Donald Trump has become the poster child for that kind of nasty behavior.  Me, Me, narcissistic, stomping your feet, putting down those who disagree with you, is very ugly. And, yes—uncivil.

Yeah, I get it. At first, all that Trump drama and vitriol was kind of entertaining. But now it’s promoting outright hatred, and its spreading like a killer virus.

I, too, feel political correctness is phony and downright stupid. I’m a call-it-the-way-it-is kind of person, and I like to think I tell the truth—at least the way I see it. But throwing out hurtful and stinging comments because it’s seems okay to say any darn thing you want?

Have we forgotten how to be nice to each other?

Attacking others because you don’t like their color, their religion, or the fact they don’t believe in religion, or even that they just don’t see things the way you do, is not the way to live in our complicated, diverse society.

Most of us know people we don’t like, and the reasons are not often based on anything reasonable—and we know that. So why engage by throwing your half-assed opinion at them when they’re not interested and can get along without anything you have to say?

Shouting out nasty things just to be hurtful and feel that momentary rush of warped power, is not only destructive, it’s down right—uncivil.


Excuse me, please, thank you, are not dirty words. And neither is political correctness, or kindness.

You don’t like black people? Or Asians, or Mexicans, or Joe Blow and the way he dresses? Well, it’s not all right to get in their faces with your scorn or hatred. It’s not only PC to bite your tongue, it’s a matter of live and let live.

Go mind your own business.

We’re all just trying to get along in a complicated world where not only our value as individuals has declined, but our planet, the very place we live in, is dying. Pushing people around is not going to make anything better.  But kindness, respect, civility will make you feel a lot better about yourself, and you might actually begin to understand others you thought you didn’t like.

If you can’t have an honest exchange of ideas why scream in someone’s face? Or like Trump, throw people out, or beat up those who come to your rallies to protest.

Take a deep breath and try to be kind. If you don’t want to be “politically correct,” and hate that whole concept, at least be civil. Take the time to think about it—you’ll usually find there’s something you can relate to.

Otherwise, we might as well start a Trump factory where they manufacture brown shirts. You know what that means, don’t you?

* * *

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