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No one can understand Earth Day with the same depth of feeling as the Native American. Those who came later and enslaved The People, stole their land, and pushed them aside. The conquerors didn’t listen or care about the song of the wind, couldn’t see or understand the beauty of the land or identify with it as a living, breathing entity. The concept of the Earth as a Mother and the ultimate provider of life was not a part of their vision.

We have inherited that lack of vision.

Our world is filled with people who ignore the eternal cycle of life,  which has nothing to do with electronics or all the modern creations we find so important. We have ignored the world of nature, cannot seem to listen to the breath of our planet or the heart, either, which must keep beating to keep our species alive.

 Earth Day is like a neon, flashing sign. Our planet is sick. It has a fatal disease called: MAN.

Listen to N. Scott Momaday a native American and Pulitzer Prize winner:

I am a feather on the bright sky

I am the blue horse that runs in the plain

I am the fish that rolls, shining, in the water

I am the shadow that follows a child

I am the evening light, the lustre of meadows

I am an eagle playing with the wind

I am a cluster of bright beads

I am the farthest star

I am the cold of dawn

I am the roaring of the rain

I am the glitter on the crust of the snow

I am the long track of the moon in a lake

I am a flame of four colors

I am a deer standing away in the dusk

I am a field of sumac and the pomme blanche

I am an angle of geese in the winter sky

I am the hunger of a young wolf

I am the whole dream of these things

You see, I am alive, I am alive

I stand in good relation to the earth

I stand in good relation to the gods

I stand in good relation to all that is beautiful

You see, I am alive, I am alive


More about the writer:

Navarre Scott Momaday (born February 27, 1934) — known as N. Scott Momaday — is a Native American author of Kiowa descent. His work House Made of Dawn was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1969. Momaday received the National Medal of Arts in 2007 for his work that celebrated and preserved Native American oral and art tradition. He holds 20 honorary degrees from colleges and universities, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences


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Pic. Colorful EYE


 Roses & Politicians

 Spring is here. Everything is awakening—roses are really happening.

Look out there, see all those huge buds, not only in our gorgeous garden, but everywhere. The rain has saved us and all of our plants are showing their delight with a spectacular display.

As I walk through the many  rows in our rose garden, bushes, with their sun-dipped leaves and swelling buds, surround and astound me. I can already imagine their full blossoms—their flashy colors dazzling, their luscious fragrances overwhelming.

Last year our garden was barely hanging on. I gave the plants only the scantest amounts of water—I held back on even feeding nutrients, hoping they would morph into survival mode.

And they did.

But this year, I think they’re going to outdo any of the glorious years in the past.

Funny how plants always remind me that survival is possible.

Today, even our political world seems better as I walk through our garden.  Oh yeah, it’s just as ugly out there, but it’s beginning to look like those who continually spout hatred and spread their ugliness like noxious weeds will be lopped off. And I have a hunch about who will lead the way, stand up to these demagogues.


As arrogant politicians continue to escalate their war on women, I believe all of these hurtful, harmful, individuals, whose only goal is to remain relevant in a bloody political arena, will find the end of the road. They’ll do themselves in because they have chosen to ride the expressway to extinction.

If politicians continue to point their poisonous fingers at women, mistreat and injure us, things will reach a tipping point. An unspoken sisterhood—one that unites all women—will stand up and push back.

Go on, keep talking as though women’s rights don’t matter and watch this huge electoral faction ignite and burn you to the ground.

Women are basically peaceful beings and fanning their flames to action can be difficult, but this particular crop of politicians is doing an outstanding job of shooting itself in the foot.

They are not in survival mode.

You want to jail us for having an abortion—treat us like criminals—continue to interfere with our reproductive rights? And, according to D. Trump, while women are jailed, men will get a free pass. Should they serve a jail term? No, says the Republican front-runner.

You, out there, sir/madam, you have lit the match that fuels the fires.

We won’t forget your names when we go to the polls.

            I really was thinking of roses when I started this.

* * *

The Killing Vote cover 2

In This Fast-Paced Political Thriller:

Washington politicians and U.S. healthcare executives are conspiring in a sinister cost-cutting scheme to legalize selective euthanasia for the seriously ill and dying, primarily for the poor and powerless.

If secret legislation can slip through the quagmire of Congress, it will diminish the annual deficit by billions, if not trillions; catapult corporate healthcare profits; and get an unpopular President re-elected.

What the powerbrokers don’t anticipate is an in-your-face, militant seniors advocacy group becoming suspicious and hires an aggressive, semi-retired investigative journalist to expose the behind-the scenes manipulations.

                                                The deadline:  Seven days.

Can Ted Yost stop the power brokers? Or will arson, attempted murder, blackmail, and kidnapping stop him?

                                  Some Reviews of THE KILLING VOTE:

 Ambition, greed, hypocrisy—and murder. Bette and JJ Lamb have taken the battle over medical care and fashioned a droll, lightning-paced political thriller with more plot twists than Washington has scoundrels. I thought of the great Ross Thomas as I hummed through the pages. Prepare to laugh–and get ripping mad.

David Corbett Writer & Teacher

 “The Killing Vote starts off with a bang, literally, and never lets up. Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. Lamb pull no punches in highlighting behind the scenes politics. Gripping.”

Cara Black Aimée Leduc Series

“…I don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the book, so let me say that I locked all the doors and turned on all the lights in the house then stayed up all night reading.

Ana Manwaring Writer & editor