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I think you’ll agree doctors and nurses are really special people. You trust them with your body, share your hopes and dreams with them, even tell them dark secrets you wouldn’t dare to tell your spouse or lover, mother or father. These unique people sit with you in the dead of night while you whisper, making sure no one else can hear. In return, they respond with a different language. They squeeze your hands tighter and tighter and seem to always know what you need, what you want, just as though you were screaming it from the rooftops.
Keep me alive; give me one more day, one more hour. That’s what you want. You want them to stave off the angel of death, make him go away.
Please. Your eyes beg as you watch your world close in on you. Please give me more time … only a few minutes … only a second more.
Forget the bravado. We all know what I’m saying is true.
And yet, we take medical people, those doctors and nurses, for granted, even as they’re trying to save us.
Why do they keep doing it?
It complicated, yet simple at the same time. It’s because that’s who they are, it’s what they chose to do, to be. It’s a calling, a need to save, to have impact. And that’s what they do — they impact your future, your life.
If you were injured or hurt and you were screaming for help, most people would look away, even run in the opposite direction. They’d need to get away from the sight of your splattering blood or the shards of your fractured bones, or your painful struggle to take in that final breath.
Who stays? Who stands their ground with you until the end?
Doctors, nurses, EMTs. Those are the people who dive in to save you.
Now close your eyes and imagine those doctors and nurses disappearing from our busy, thriving cities, our spreading suburbs. What does the healthcare landscape look like then?
Will the speed of changing technology make our future change ever faster and faster? I think by mid century probably most doctors will be clustered behind desks, taking orders from superiors whose bottom lines have nothing to do with your health as an individual. Those people in power, the ones who always get the best of care, will direct the doctors of tomorrow on how your dying organs, or your debilitating illness, will be treated, if at all.
Patient care?
That will be carried out by technicians trained to follow orders without a second thought. Without question.
Do I mean technicians like the ones who work at virtual labs?
Will they even be human?
Think again about the doctor whose shoulder you cry on, helping you through every step of a difficult procedure, or the nurse who’s by your side while your body does unspeakable things to you. What about those people in the future?
Color them gone. They won’t be there. They’ll have morphed into a different kind of caretaker.
Am I saying robots?
Well, they won’t be metal clunkers. Those things you see in movie fantasies.
No, no, no. After all, we are a humane society, aren’t we? Future caretakers will at least look like people, talk like people, and even try to pat you on the shoulder … like people. But that touch won’t feel quite right because nothing can take the place of someone’s arm around you, holding you with compassion.
Welcome to a new world – tomorrow’s world. A dystopian world where individuality is not appreciated.
And what if you rebel? Continue to think like an individual?
What do you think they’ll do to you?